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The Jake Silberman Show

Every Friday Jake rambles about life, comedy and the things in between.

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Hard Man soft boy

Hunter Donaldson and I riff hard every Monday.

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Back of the Room

My weekly podcast with Dylan Jenkins and Max Fortune. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES WHILE THEY'RE UP!

Jews Control the Media

Mo Mandel and I are Jews, we run shit. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES WHILE THEY'RE UP!

Did We Solve It?

Three ignorant comedians try to solve racism, ignorantly. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVES WHILE THEY'RE UP!

Good Heroin with Dave Ross

A clip from album/special "The Crowd Work Album" was featured on Dave's podcast.

Dan Cable Presents

Talked with Dan about comedy and how I do it.

We Already Had Clyde

Brandon Lyons and I retell the fabled 1 on 1 game that changed it all. Seth and Katie observe.

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Coffee Sip with Chris Hudson

I chatted with Chris about how I don't drink coffee on his coffee podcast.


Portland comedians Eddie Su and Meanroth Ny had me on their podcast to talk shop.

Funemployment Radio

Comedian Jake Silberman joins us to talk about his crowd work album he's recording at the Funhouse Lounge.

Dumb + Busted Episode 96

This week, Hunter, Hannah, Allyson, and guest comedian Jake Silberman discuss stories in which "the husband did it."

Kings of Democracy

The Republic of China: America's Invisible Friend

What's More Metal

Do a line of wine and kill your date because Dan & Nariko are joined by comedian Jake Silberman to take down the most metal wines and dating shows.

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People Enjoying Terrible Accidents

Ep. 16- Live Recording w/ Jake Silberman, Hunter Donaldson, Mike Brunken & Ariah

The Podchaost

Chad Johnson, Emma Jonas and comedian friends talk comedy, life and the adventures that come with it all.

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Here's What I Want

HWIW S2E2- Pickup Basketball Game (Live at Pacific Crest Comedy Festival)

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Dumb + Busted LIVE

Live Show: Haha Harvest Fest

Control Yourself: Recorded Live!

Control Yourself: Recorded Live 9/29/2019

Dumb + Busted LIVE

D&B Live (w/ comedians Jake Silberman and Shain Brenden)

Funemployment Radio

Ep. 2242: Brine Time

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Dumb + Busted Episode 45

So Raw, So Real.

The I, Anonymous Show!

The wickedly funny James Barela, Jake Silberman, and Becky Braunstein join host Kate Murphy to dissect YOUR most insane (and anonymous!) confessions!